The library facilities and services can be availed for the purpose of academic, research and administrative work. Students become library members after semester registration for the courses. The Institute has a separate Library Building with reading room. The library has approximate 10,000 number of volumes which covers almost all text book and reference book listed in GTU syllabus. We also use SOUL2.0 Software to issue and return books.

Library Converner:
Prof K B Rathod (Associate Prof Electical Engg)

Team Members:

Prof Trupti Kodinariya (Asst Prof Comp Engg)

Prof Divya Panchotiya (Asst Prof General)

Prof Shraddha Vaniya (Asst Prof Civil Engg)

Prof Uttam Bhuva (Asst Prof Automobile Engg)

Prof Dimple Vora(Asst Prof I C  Engg)

Prof Kajal Nandania (Asst Prof IC  Engg)

Prof R L Patel (Asst Prof Mech Engg)

Prof A M Kubavat (Asst Prof Electrical Engg)

We have large reading room available for students with furniture and computing facility.
About 11000 books of various courses available
SOUL 2.0 software is used for library  management
E Library Facility available.
Library building is under CCTV Surveillance

The following staff members works at library on each day of a week to provide book issue/ return services at library.

Shri M P Chavda (Civil Engg)
Shri Dhaivat Shukla (EC Engg)